Stan Jorstad with Grizzly Giant. Photograph by Steve Jorstad.

Stan Jorstad with Grizzly Giant. Photograph by Steve Jorstad.


Stan Jorstad was born in New York in 1922, and passed at the age of 91 in 2013. His passion for taking pictures of the natural world began in his early childhood. At age ten, he received an Ansco folding camera from his father, beginning a quest that lasted for more than 70 years.

After attending Temple University, Stan enlisted in the 10th Mountain Division Ski Troops. During World War II, he served in North Africa and Italy, and received the Purple Heart. Living and training in the mountains greatly deepened his desire to work with nature and the environment. After the war, he went to Chicago to study photography and design, eventually becoming the Director of Photography for the Chicago-based Container Corporation of America. During his 30-year tenure at Container’s Design and Market Research Laboratory, Stan earned over 50 awards for excellence in photography, art and design.

In the early 1960’s, Stan was a cinematographer for the acclaimed television series, Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. In 1979, he launched PhotoMark, a commercial photography business, based in St. Charles, Illinois. His son, Steve, now carries on the business. During his travels, his wife Wanda and their family often accompanied him on his park excursions.

Stan Jorstad’s life work has become an impressive film-based, historic photographic portfolio of America’s National Parks. He was the first film-based professional photographer to document and photograph each of our then 58 National Parks. His son Steve continued the tradition and photographed Pinnacles National Park in California which completes the current collection of 59 "Crown Jewels" in the National Park system.

Stan’s hearts desire was to have people learn more about  America's National Park’s.  Stan hoped that viewing his photographs would inspire people to take an active role in caring for our irreplaceable natural and cultural treasures.